Hockey Stick Handling Drills

Hockey puck control, stick handling drills, practices, training and exercises

Puck and stick handling drills, practices, training and exercises to improve your stickhandling and puck controlling skills, 165 pages! Puck handling and agility is essential for every hockey player beside skating skills.

With these ice hockey stickhandling drills and practices you get valuable puck and stick handling exercises to use on your on-ice or off-ice hockey training. Each puck and stick handling drill is clearly visualized, you will also get some hints about training support equipment, you can use during the stickhandling practices, that you most likely already have at home or can acquire for very small money.

Stick handling skills drills and practices on and off ice

Use the stick handling drills before a hockey practice or during the hockey practice while you are waiting to start the hockey drill.


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